QuinTi ... Quintessential Training Initiatives


We understand that training is the lifeblood of growth and that companies and individuals are at various stages of maturity with regards to training.

Our engagement process is geared towards helping companies establish a training strategy, providing training courses to their resources, assisting the companies in formalising their own internal training material and even to sub-contract the presentation and facilitation of in-house training courses. Hence the fact that our spectrum of services are provided to markets and clients currently in the QuinXi sphere of influence, but also to new clients out there.

For existing clients we can capitalise on the work that has already been done, refresh the strategy, modernise the training material or even customise or tailor-make QuinTi courses to the need of the client. QuinTi is also available to facilitate post-implemenation training in any project that the QuinXi group has been involved in. For new clients we can provide hand-holding to establish a training strategy, curriculum and even assessment programmes.

Courses (Both full courses and our S.N.I.P.E.R courses) can be scheduled and configured in the specific area that it is required, and the facilitation can be in-house or sub-contracted.

QuinTi is made up of accredited assessors and moderators so that corporate training can be integrated to a SETA or other plan. 

About the QuinXi Group of companies


Quintessential Solutionry (QuinXi) (Reg : 2008/014589/07)  is a company focused on providing solutions to problems. Not purely solutions but value-adding solutions. This is achieved by training a business, empowering a business, assisting a business or leading a business towards a place of excellence and efficiency. QuinXi prides itself on its creativity and core values, embodied in its skilled resources, providing the platform to deliver the neccesary offerings , crafted to the requirement of its target market or audience.
QuinXi is also a parent company to a group of companies with a like-minded approach, but with a specific business focus or which are active in an specific alternative industry.
QuinXi embodies the culture of solutions providing. From large projects to small or brief initiatives, the company aims to establish a value-adding solution to any company's problems. This culture is visible throughout any engagement with any client, and our Solutionaries are adamant in embedding this contagious culture in the client's organisation.