Technology Offerings
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Saturday, 19 February 2011 10:10
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An integral part of the QuinXi approach, and integral to any modern business, the utilisation and harnessing of technology as an enabler to business performance is something that QuinXi prides itself on.

As technology is intertwined in most parts of business, so it is also intertwined in the QuinXi business. Business Analysis, Project Management, Programme Management and Change Management is part of our Core and Process suite of offerings, and with QuinXi involved you'll never need to worry about technology not being integrated in any of our involvements. We have an affinity and knack for understanding and enabling technology, so even if our engagement is not purely technical we will make sure that we broker your needs in your technological world.  

QuinXi also provides solutions in the technical space, and our technological offerings include:


  • Package Evaluation, Selection and Implementation
  • RFP development and Vendor evaluation
  • Business Intelligence, Information Analysis and Data Mapping
  • Data and Knowledge Management
  • Data Flow Modelling
  • Technical solutions providing at various levels (Quick fix, process automation or comprehensive system replacement)
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