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Saturday, 19 February 2011 10:09
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As the QuinXi name implies, solution providing is our core and essential value proposition to clients. Not only a solution for the sake of a solution, but a solution specifically crafted to solve a problem. QuinXi resources are analytical and creative allowing for solutions crafting to be an integral part of each engagement, or as a stand-alone value proposition. 
As a stand-alone value proposition, or as an integral part of the QuinXi engagement, method-building is core to our approach and philosophy and we believe in applying proven methods in a reusable fashion. This includes methods and recipes unique to the project, to be imbedded for reuse in the organisation, or re-use of benchmarked and renowned methods tailored to the specific business' needs. QuinXi resources are methodical and structured, and using of methods or recipes is our second nature.
Any of the four classes of offerings that QuinXi provide can be sourced readily from our competitors and other members of the business consulting fraternity. What differentiates QuinXi is our set of core offerings which are embodied in each QuinXi consultant, and imbedded in each QuinXi project.

· Industrial Engineering:

QuinXi in its core was built by and built on Industrial Engineering thinking and methodology. Any industrial engineering related engagement is led by highly qualified Industrial Engineers. Industrial Engineering is concerned with the resources and processes into cohesive strategies, structures and systems for efficient production of quality goods and services.

An Industrial Engineer draws across a number of methodologies and techniques to ensure that organisations can deliver better value to its respective clients. Striking the right balance on the organisations people, processes and resources, contribute to the organisation being competitive and sustainable through the turbulent business landscape. The following industrial engineering principles have been applied and successfully implemented by our team of Industrial engineers: Facilities Planning & Design, Workforce Modelling, Simulation Studies, Supply Chain Management and Operations Research

Industrial Engineering also forms the core of QuinXi's process offerings. WIth methods such as BPR, TOC, Lean and Six Sigma in our arsenal, any process-related engagement will be focused on optimisation as is the essence of Industrial Engineering. 

· Business Engineering & Enterprise Architecture:

The philosophy of QuinXi is grounded in the concept of business engineering and all our engagements are anchored through the definition and utilisation of an enterprise architecture, banking on solid project management and ensuring effective change management.

The ability to dissect the business into functional, process-specific, and enablement infrastructure and technology across a number of dimensions is a core QuinXi skill and can be contracted on a stand-alone basis, or will inherently form part of any project engagement. The set of QuinXi methods and the applied knowledge and expertise within the QuinXi network allows QuinXi to engage with clients on various levels of Enterprise Architecture responsibility (Analysis, Design or Implementation). 

Capitalising on more than a decade of Business Engineering and Enterprise Architecture experience will also compliment and infuse any strategic offerings, process offering and technology offering that we provide.

· Project & Programme Management:

As a stand-alone and mission critical offering, QuinXi offers successful Programme and Project management. Specialist project and programme managers are available throughout the QuinXi network, and most QuinXi resources have an imprinted sense of structure and method, aligning themselves to formal PMP structures without issue. 

· Business Performance Management:

In all measurement exercises the real challenge is to measure what is important; not what is easy to measure.  To succeed it is crucial to understand the core reason(s) for wanting to implement measurements in the first place, i.e. what problem(s) are we trying to solve

We help clients generate value from their performance measurement and performance management initiatives, and we assist in ensuring alignment and congruence across your organisation.

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