What is the essence of our business? 


Solutions Need Creative People 

QuinXi provides solutions, made possible by our people. They are the conduits through which QuinXi enables change and create value. The Oxford dictionary defines the term “Missionary” as follows:


We send our people on missions to develop and implement solutions, creating real value and enabling sustainable change. 

Our Creative People are Solutionaries

Hence we created the concept of "Solutionry" to define the essence of our business, and the term "Solutionaries" to describe our people. Our people are aligned and familiar with the QuinXi methodology and best-practice methods. This ensures utilisation of a library of methods, methodologies, techniques and world-class approaches to analyse the problem, and derive powerful information to enable them to provide a value-adding solution tailor-made to the specific problem.

We are Different!



We stand out and do not blend into the crowd. We do our utmost to ensure that we embed sustainable value with each engagement.