QuinXi …. Quintessential Solutionry


As the name implies, Quintessential Solutionry (QuinXi) provides solutions to problems. Not just solutions but value-adding solutions. We achieve this by training a business, empowering a business, assisting a business or leading a business towards a place of excellence and efficiency. QuinXi prides itself on its creativity and core values, embodied in its skilled resources, who provide the platform to deliver the necessary offerings, crafted to the requirement of our target market or audience.

QuinXi is also a parent company to a group of companies with a like-minded approach, and a specific business focus or active in specific industries.

QuinXi embodies the culture of solutions providing. From large projects to small or brief initiatives, we establish value-adding solutions to business challenges. This culture is visible throughout every engagement with each client, and our Solutionaries are relentless in embedding this contagious culture into the client's organisation.


Marius Jooste and Jacques Steyn joined forces after several years of business consulting with a number of consultancies, and founded QuinXi in 2008.

Marius Jooste is a graduate Industrial Engineer (UP) with thirteen years of relevant consulting experience across multiple industries in South Africa. Marius held several roles (including business analyst, business engineer, project manager and programme manager) with major South African corporations (Dorbyl, Absa, Vodacom, Nedbank, Sasol, etc) and practices in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and financial services industry.


Jacques Steyn is a graduate with a B.Com (RAU) and B.Compt Honours (UNISA) and has nineteen years of experience in the auditing and consulting industry. Jacques is a seasoned presenter and facilitator with extensive consulting experience in the field of enterprise architecture, business engineering, systems implementation, meta consulting and method building. Jacques operated at director level for three companies that he previously worked for.


QuinXi has created valuable solutions for clients for the last five years, predominantly in the financial services, manufacturing and banking sectors. Through our more focused and niche engagements, and most importantly the valuable expertise and skills that our people bring to the table, we also add the telecommunications, pharmaceutical, fitness and petrochemical industries to our profile.