We analyse the Need

All our people exude the analytical, methodical, strategic, technical and creative skills needed to understand and position business needs, in a way that gives a clear understanding of the scope, content and context of your organisation’s requirements.

We craft the Solution

With our selection of offerings, across a wide range of industries and markets, we ensure that through integrity and ingenuity we craft solutions that add value to your organisation, and we ensure that our engagement leaves behind a positive and lasting impact.

We utilise our Network

The QuinXi group of companies provide several services and offerings that supplement engagements. Recruitment, resourcing, training and specialist implementation services ensure that an engagement starts with QuinXi, expands through the QuinXi network and continues with QuinXi.

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Origin of the Name

The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements, or forms, in which matter could exist: fire, air, water, and earth. The Pythagoreans added a fifth element ("quint" Latin for five) known as the fifth essence (quintessence) more subtle and pure than fire, consisting of a spherical or circular motion that sailed upwards at creation and formed the basis of the stars. It was considered the ultimate substance of which the heavenly bodies were thought to be composed. Today the word personifies the essential principle or the most subtle extract [pure, undiluted essence] possible.

The QuinXi Group of Companies

The QuinXi Group of Companies epitomise this principle that we co-inhabit space between other service providers, and that we offer a pure, undiluted essence, or quint-essence of services and products, that leaves behind solutions that are effective, efficient and unique.

QuinXi utilises a library of methods, methodologies, techniques and world-class approaches to analyse a problem and generate useful information that enables us to provide a value-adding solution that is tailor-made to the specific problem.

Our Core Drivers

The five core drivers that power QuinXi's effectiveness are Values, Skills, Offerings, People and Markets, and ultimately creative Crafting. Each of these core drivers are split into five distinct sub-elements which in turn are divided into another five elements. Just as the QuinXi identity is a concentrated pool of knowledge which comprises a myriad of sub-elements, so we believe that business problems and ultimately solutions are also made up of a number of underlying elements.

By understanding and architecting these concentrated and sub-elements we ensure a uniform, clear and thorough understanding of the problem, and ultimately we provide a clean, optimal and value-adding solution.

Everything that QuinXi offers is built around this core concept; quintessential solutions to the power of V.