QuinRs ... Quintessential Resource Supplementation



We specialise in providing various resource-related solutions to corporates and other businesses through the structured execution of projects or programmes, as well as getting involved with the analysis of the problem, the scoping of the requirement, the design of the solution and subsequently the execution of the implementation of the solution.
QuinRs , as the name implies , is a specialist in assisting businesses to supplement their resources, and as history has proven , in most cases, Human Resources are the most vital and critical to the operation of a successful business. This is the boundary along which QuinRs operates. We do not own the business' interests, although through our participation we inherently acquire a vested interest. We also do not claim to be uncontested experts in the specific business' domain , but through established methods and tested approaches, executed by competent , eager and knowledgeable resources we add value, create deliverables and execute change within an organisation.

We can provide project resources on a permanent , temporary and contract-specific basis, but we always with the intention of supplementing the existing business with our own resources in such a way that an effective and efficient solution can be put into place. We also provide a recruitment services to various industries, to assist in finding a specific or specialised skill that will satisfy a certain requirement. 

We also provide recruitment services to the professional market, either through contracting or through the network of opportunities inside the QuinXi group. Additionaly a wide-spectrum of financial, administrative and tax services to individuals and contractors is also included in the service.
Quintessential Resource Supplementation, QuinRs , (Reg : 2008/014590/07)  is a privately held company that is part of the is part of the QuinXi group of companies and currently provide services to a wide number of industries across South Africa.

All recruited resources, programme or project resources, consultants, contractors and/or temporary staff are aligned with the methodologies, philosophies and working acumen preached by the QuinXi Group of Companies, resulting in a level of confidence that can be banked upon. 

About the QuinXi Group of Companies

Quintessential Solutionry (QuinXi) (Reg : 2008/014589/07)  is a company focused on providing solutions to problems. This is achieved by training a business, empowering a business, assisting a business or leading a business towards a place of excellence and efficiency. QuinXi prides itself on its creativity and core values, embodied in its skilled resources, providing the platform to deliver the neccesary offerings , crafted to the requirement of its target market or audience.
QuinXi is also a parent company to a group of companies with a like-minded approach, but with a specific business focus or which are active in an specific alternative industry.
QuinXi embodies the culture of solutions providing. From large projects to small or brief initiatives, the company aims to establish a value-adding solution to any company's problems. This culture is visible throughout any engagement with any client, and our Solutionaries are adamant in embedding this contagious culture in the client's organisation..