Solutions for Individuals


Becoming Part of the Network

At QuinRs we believe in the power of networking - creating a community of professionals that together can leverage their own unique skills and expertise, and share their industry positioning to create revenue and other opportunities in a mutually beneficial manner. We do not believe in creating relationships for the purpose of evading responsibility or window-dressing, but we do embrace the power of the collective in terms of doing business in an ever-increasing collaborative environment to the benefit of all stakeholders – clients, experts and governors alike.

QuinRs is part of the QuinXi Group of Companies, with the end result being a network that is not only populated with human resources, but with consulting capital, training expertise, best practice methods and a very wide array of skills and expertise. 

Providing Solutions using the Network

Within the professional and ethical boundaries of the above we endeavour to provide collaborative solutions that are specifically tailor-made to extract the optimal benefit for all players within an optimally structured risk framework on an engagement-by-engagement basis.

We specifically differentiate ourselves from other companies that either provides a billing vehicle or pure financial administrative service to contractors or typical human resource recruitment and placement services to clients by establishing and offering the following to our business partners:

Benefits to our People

To our staff, staff on contingent contracts and our associate contractors, who together constitute our ever-expanding network of consulting professionals we offer the following : 

1. Access within the network to a broad base of knowledge, expertise and support in all areas related to the undertaking and completion of project-based consulting services and products

2. A common platform for marketing and client engagement to provide more security in terms of potential projects and placements. This includes:

- QuinXi Group Website

- Single point-of-contact Branding & Marketing Initiatives

- Inter-network References and Placement Rewards

- Library of Project and other related Documentation Standards

3. A full range of Back Office services including Business and Personal Administration, Financial & Taxation Services and Project Auxiliary Services (e.g. Design, Printing, Logistics)

4. Access to best practice Methodology and Project-related Training & Mentoring Programmes

5. Access to personal insurance and investment advice through our associated financial partners