Solutions For Business Partners


Utilise our Skills & Resources 

At QuinRs we believe in the power of networking - creating a community of professionals that together can leverage their own unique skills and expertise, and share their industry positioning to create revenue and other opportunities in a mutually beneficial manner. This allows QuinRs to tap into market required skills, not ony from the QuinXi Group of companies, but also from various industries. We embrace the power of the collective in terms of doing business in an ever-increasing collaborative environment to the benefit of all stakeholders – clients, experts and governors alike.

In terms of this policy the benefits to you, our business partner are the following :

Crafting Solutions using the Network

We firstly tap into the range of skills and expertise within the QuinXi Group of companies. Established methods, skilled consultants and supreme creativity allows us to any partner using a stable core. But by tapping into our extensive network we endeavour to provide collaborative solutions. These solutions can be generic engagements, or can be  specifically tailor-made to satisfy your specific need. This results in a benefit for all parties in the engagement.

We specifically differentiate ourselves from other companies that provide, a billing vehicle or a pure financial administrative service to contractors, as well as from vendors providing typical human resource recruitment and placement services. Our differentiating factors are listed below:

Benefits to our Business Partners

To our staff, staff on contingent contracts and our associate contractors, who together constitute our ever-expanding network of consulting professionals we offer the following :

1. Access to the network of professionals described above

2. A selection of business solutions and business solution enablers, tailor-made according to your need:

- Business Strategy, Business Optimisation or Business Analysis

- Subject Matter Expertise across a variety of industries and disciplines 

- Data Analysis or Data Modelling

- Solution Conceptualisation , Design and/or Specification

- Programme or Project Management

- Training courses within the ambit of any of the abovementioned offerings and/or methodologies

3. Miscellaneous engagement options including deployment of a full project team, a partial project team or selected individuals on contract basis

4. Guidance , mentoring and management

- In cases where our staff are deployed to provide a service to you, we will assist with an allocated Account Manager. He/she will be involved to liaise with you and the project team,  to ensure alignment in terms of expectation, best practice approaches, delivery and quality assurance.

-The same services are available if our staff are involved in a cross-functional team with your own resources. We can provide a mentoring role or guidance role in your team, as if we were part of your own staff.

5. Peace of mind regarding the compliance and statutory requirements of your solution enablers

- We provide a full range of back-office services including personal administration, financial and tax services, and project auxilliary services.

-  This automatically includes our permanent staff, but we can also perform these services for contract resources assigned to the project from your team or ours.

- This is a benefit to you and each QuinRs member of the project team. We integrate with your way-of-working but we take on ourselves the adminstrative burden. 

6. Access to best practice Methodology and Project-related Training & Mentoring Programmes