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Monday, 11 August 2008 15:14
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Consulting activities are usually meant to follow a specific life-cycle and eventually ends up as a maintenance or hand-over exercise to the business.  Each engagement is unique, but through experience, method and architecture all engagements from consultants to clients can be managed from an initial enagement right through to a conclusion or completion. Consultancy ensures that businesses are fast-tracked and that skills are insourced and transferred. Conventional consulting ensures that expertise in a certain field is added to legacy expertise in the business in order to take this quantum lead.

Consulting is there to bridge the gap between uncertainty and competence, to guide and assist companies from being operators to becoming optimisers, and to lead the way for the business to take over.

In certain cases though, business would like to tap into a network of knowledge and utilise a specific team of skills to assist in establishing something, building something or managing something that is not in their domain of expertise, that is outside their scope of mastery. This is the domain where consulting moves into the domain of Applied Consulting.

As an example : Private governments or corporate establishments need a defense strategy,  but not only do they need the strategy to be formulated, they need it to be executed, to be managed. Cost-effectivity dictates that these skills cannot be recruited due to their temporary nature, and logistically the suppy chain might not be known due to it's specialist nature.

QuinAc addressed this by engaging with a client in the role of Defense Consulting, but with all the expertise and management skills needed to make it work. Through networking and strategic partnerships QuinAc have packaged specific industry-specific areas together and deliver niche-solutions through Applied Consulting.

About the QuinXi Group of Companies

Quintessential Solutionry (QuinXi) (Reg : 2008/014589/07)  is a company focused on providing solutions to problems. Not purely solutions but value-adding solutions. This is achieved by training a business, empowering a business, assisting a business or leading a business towards a place of excellence and efficiency. QuinXi prides itself on its creativity and core values, embodied in its skilled resources, providing the platform to deliver the neccesary offerings , crafted to the requirement of its target market or audience.
QuinXi is also a parent company to a group of companies with a like-minded approach, but with a specific business focus or which are active in an specific alternative industry.
QuinXi embodies the culture of solutions providing. From large projects to small or brief initiatives, the company aims to establish a value-adding solution to any company's problems. This culture is visible throughout any engagement with any client, and our Solutionaries are adamant in embedding this contagious culture in the client's organisation..

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